Message From District Governor

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Yours in Rotary,
DG Hitesh Jariwala


  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic eduction and literacy
  • Economic and community development

Dear Rotarian Fraternity,,

Change is in the air
Change is inevitable
Change or perish
No I am not talking of changing Indian Currency notes. Though it too is a task which keeps us all busy now a days.

I seriously wish to ask you one question. Which currency will never lose it value?The currency of KARMA

Your good karma will never lose its value and can always be of help here and hereafter.

Rotary Karma is helping Humanity

Change your way of looking at Rotary.

Take Rotary seriously. Rotary Promotes good Karma which endeavors to change the entire face of earth and make it a better place for humanity.

Become more active. December is the Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. I request all out Doctor Members to take up this work most sincerely and devote sometime every day for this wonderful cause. Prevention is always better than the cure. Education results in to prevention. So the missionaries of literacy become most active this month. Let the good message of prevention spread and let us make Treatment easily and economically available.

Mark the date 3rd December 2016. We are to inaugurate Leadership Academy. Our leaders Kalyan Da and RID Dr. Maoj will be with us for the inauguration at Hotel Taj Gateway Surat. You all have the information. Do remain present. Do participate.

My visits are going on as scheduled and one is enriched with new and unique experiences at each and every club. I am experiencing the wonderful ROTARY FRATERNITY in all its different colours.

February is not far. The Annual Conference demands all attention. The preparations are on and we wish and pray for a beautiful event. If you are not enrolled, ensure your enrollment immediately.

Forget 500. Forget 1000. Remember the importance of 100. 100 Years of TRF.

Contribute your KARMA.

सह नौ यशः
Together may we attain glory.

DG Hitesh Jariwala
R I District 3060-Guj- India.